Video Marketing Mini-Guide

Here are two video testimonials that you can use to promote the offer. The first video’s from Janette, a nice lady from Toronto who met a guy who used the program to improve his dating life. This angle is still particularly “fresh” in this niche, and it has been boosting our conversions by as much as 30%. Try it out!

The second video is a “workhorse” testimonial from a guy who has used the product to overcome his anxiety around women and proceeded to date the woman of his dreams.

Here are some ideas on how to use these video testimonials to promote the offer:

  1. Embed these videos inside a pre-sell page.
  2. Send your list traffic directly to the Youtube page, and follow up with a “pitch” email (use the Emailing Guide).
  3. Submit the videos to video distribution sites (see the list below) – don’t forget to post your affiliate link!
Message from Janette:

Use this code to embed the video into your pre-sell page:

Or, if you’d like to send traffic directly to the YouTube page then here’s the link:

Use this code to embed the video into your pre-sell page:

This video's direct link at YouTube:

Video Distribution Sites:
First, download the two videos here:

Janette's Testimonial (FLV)

Tony's Testimonial (FLV)

Here are some sites to distribute the videos. Don’t forget to post your affiliate link in the description of the videos.

Now go make some dough!

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