Joint Ventures

If you have a product that would be a good fit with my customers, then I might be interested in promoting it to my list.

However, before I consider promoting your product, I require these three conditions:-

  1. Your product must be in the "dating advice for men" niche, and must contain new material which is proven to work. Please email me a copy of your product to review.
  2. Your product must be sold through ClickBank, and you offer a commission rate of at least 65%.
  3. You must have a compelling sales page. Additionally, there must be no "leakage" in the form of optin forms or the ability to order by telephone (or by any other means).
If you meet these conditions, then I'd be interested to work with you! To get started, please email me a copy of your product at
My best wishes,

Derek Rake

Derek Rake
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