Emailing Mini-Guide

Email is by far the most effective way to promoting our offer. If you already have a list, then email promotions are the definitely best way to promote our offer. In fact,  at the time of writing, four out of our top five affiliates of all time are email marketers. (The other is a Facebook marketer – we will come out with a mini-guide on social media marketing soon, so watch this space).

To get you started, here are a few emails that we have optimized over multiple mailings: they have been known to be consistently converting on our house list at 3-10% (your stats would vary, of course, depending on the quality of your list). You can either use them “wholesale” or use them to come up with your own email copy.

  1. “Make A Woman Like You” Email (Content)
  2. "Girlfriend Stealer" Email (Content)
  3. "Flirting Game" Email (Content)
  4. "Social Proof" Email (Pitch)
  5. "Differentiator" Email (Pitch)
  6. "Benefits" Email (Pitch)
For action takers only! If you’ve sent out these promotions to your list then share your stats with me at and I’ll email you an exclusive email promotions guide – a giant compilation of the techniques that we have ever used -and customized recommendations on what next to email out to your list. Also, if you’d like me to look at your email copy before you send it out, feel free to get in touch.
Now go make the moolah!

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Derek Rake
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