Article Marketing Mini-Guide

Here is a list of articles you can use as part of your email newsletter, or as content for your own site or for article directory submissions.

Articles are great for driving traffic. You don't need to "hard sell", and all you need to do i to publish a high quality article that your readers will enjoy. Once they click on the resource box at the bottom, I'll do the rest so you get your sales commissions. It's as simple as that.

  1. How To Win A Girl's Heart - Using Deadly Seduction Techniques That Work Like Magic
  2. How To Seduce A Girl Who Already Has A Boyfriend
  3. Advanced Seduction Tactics - What the Master Seducer Knows About Women That Other Men Don't
  4. How to Ask A Girl Out - Three Ways to Ask A Girl Out and Not Get Rejected
  5. The "Reverse Seduction" Principle - How To Get A Woman To Approach You Instead
  6. Mature Seduction - How To Seduce An Older Woman
  7. How To Tease A Girl... Sexually
  8. What To Say To A Girl To Make Her Fall In Love With You
  9. How To Get Hot Chicks - Three Deadly Seduction Methods You Need To Know
  10. How To Seduce A Girl On The Phone
For action takers only! Once you've used up all these articles, email me at and I'll send you more articles as well as a new guide that you can use to take your article marketing to the next level.
Now go make some money!

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