How To Make Money Promoting DeadlySeduction™ (A Step-By-Step Guide)

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LATEST UPDATE: We are now converting at 5.2% on a $39.95 price point on our internal list*

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To: My Fellow Partners & Affiliates

™ is a downloadable audio home study course for men that teaches them how to become more successful with meeting and attracting women. This is an evergreen niche that is one of the largest online and is growing every single day.

What makes this affiliate program different from others?

  • The offer converts, period.  Our sales page is currently converting at 5.2% on our house list, and you could be expecting a conversion rate of anywhere between 1% to 20% depending on the quality of your traffic. During the time of writing, our top 3 affiliates convert 12.4%, 7.8% and 5.1% respectively.
  • No "leakages" whatsoever. There are no sneaky opt-in forms that steals your traffic away from the sales page. Be aware of merchants who build lists from traffic sent by affiliates. When sites do that, it potentially robs you of commissions.
  • We have one of the best EPCs in our niche. As any seasoned affiliate would tell you, EPC (or Earnings Per Click) is even more important than conversion rates. We are affiliates ourselves, and we keep track of EPCs of other dating products regularly. And as such, we know that our EPC is among the best in our niche (email me for proof -
  • 75% commissions for every sale. That means that you'll earn more than $25 for every sale you make.
  • The longer you promote the offer, the more you'll earn. We extensively use Dr Jim Stone's Split Test Accelerator to continually split test the offer using multivariate testing methods. As such, you might find that your earnings increase over time with the same amount of traffic.
  • Generous performance bonuses and cash incentives ON TOP of your regular commissions. Once you hit a certain amount of sales, you'll be eligible for cash bonuses as well as an "upgrade" to our Premier Program (where you'll get 100% commissions... which means that you'll get to keep 100% of every sale you make minus the ClickBank fee.)
  • You'll get paid on time every time, without fail. That's because this program is run not by me but by ClickBank - an independent third-party affiliate payment company. ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate payment processor in the world, and they've not missed a single payment, ever. If you've been an affiliate for a merchant who runs his own affiliate program, you've probably experienced delays when it comes to sending you payments. I'm using ClickBank, so you'll get paid on time - every time.
  • We will work with you until you succeed. I have full-time affiliate managers to help you as well as guides that you can use to generate sales and commissions. Want personalized attention and coaching? Need help getting started? No problem - just drop me an email at

The Bottom Line: the offer PERFORMS. And I work closely with my affiliates to ensure that they make lots of money.

"OK, I'm sold! How do I sign up?"

Signing up is quick and easy, and you can start making sales immediately.

STEP ONE: If you're not already on ClickBank, then click here to join in order to get your ClickBank ID.

STEP TWO: Having gotten your ClickBank ID, use this referral link below when you promote the offer:

(Remember to replace CLICKBANKID above with your own ClickBank ID!)

Guides & Resources To Help You Make Money

Here are the resources to help you promote DeadlySeduction™:

  • Article Marketing Mini-Guide. We have submitted more than 3,500 articles online using everything we know in this Mini-Guide. Use this Guide to make some easy commissions with article marketing.
  • Emailing Mini-Guide. Got a list? Here's a proven way to make sales while delivering value-packed content to your list members.
  • Viral Reports. These are PDF reports branded with your referral links. Give them out for free and you'll get your affiliate link all over the Internet!
  • Video Marketing Mini-Guide. Use these proven-to-convert videos to siphon traffic from video sites and make sales for you.
  • Banners & Ebook Covers Pack. Got a website? Plaster these on your site and turn clicks into sales easily.

If there's something you want which I don't provide above, email me at and I'll try my best to accommodate you.

Additional Resources

Sign up below and you'll receive:

  • More resources to help you promote DeadlySeduction™ - new articles, autoresponders and graphics are produced all the time.
  • New Mini-Guides to be sent to you as soon as they are published. We are just finishing up a brand new guide on Media Buys as well as some cutting-edge "Grey Hat SEO" techniques - we will send this out to the list immediately after it's done.
  • New tips, tricks and tools to help you make even more commissions.
  • Offer updates, commission bumps and latest developments.

What you won't get are: spam, sales pitches and frequent mailings.  (you'll typically hear from me once every one or two weeks, if not less frequent).

Before You Get Started...

By becoming my affiliate, you agree not to spam. Also, you agree not to use unethical methods to promote the offer, and/or to misrepresent the product in any way.

I treat my affiliates as my business partners, and will do my best to provide you the best support I can give. However, your success will depend largely on your initiative and hard work, and we are not in a position to guarantee that you will succeed.

Thank you for becoming my affiliate, and I look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with you. Now let's go make some money together!

My best wishes,

Derek Rake

PS: If you have any questions about the program, see the FAQ, or email me directly at for a speedy reply. :)

PPS: If you're a product owner in the dating niche, and you're interested in a joint venture, then I'd love to hear from you. Please read my joint venture policy here.

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